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  •  98% Republican? Hyperbole (1+ / 0-)
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    Jon Says

    Include that in the dictionary:  hyperbole.
    I was with you until you claim the bill is 98% Republican.  Really, how much of the bill is Republican?  I don't know.  But before claiming such a thing, I would do at least a rough estimate.  Otherwise, this is pandering.  

    There was a front page diary this last week about how the Republicans were making a big deal out of 1 to 3% of the bill as wasteful.  Now, we can be treated to Democrats doing the same thing.  IOKIYOAD?

    I haven't found any report that reviews the difference between the Senate bill and the House bill.  I'm not really interested in hearing about cuts the Senate made to a bill that it had not approved yet.  The problem is that we are now into a committee that meets in secret to resolve the differences between the two bills.  I assume that we will wait until after they have messed up the bill and stuffed it with stupid things while no one can see that we will complain about having it sprung on us.  Now is the time to bring pressure on Congress to have an open process to resolving the two bills.  Every day, at least once a day, the latest changes or options should be posted online by Congress.  Obviously, it could be done.  Congress is afraid of doing it because then us poor schmoes would be able to comment as they go - on the same level of info as the lobbyists will get.  C'mon, political jujitsu.  Let's do it, turn the issue to our favor and stop attacking each other and Democrats.  If elected representatives need a spine implant, it's up to us to provide it.

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