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    Through the Rick Warren flap I called this bipartisanship canard for what it was, and was often pilloried for it.  See my diaries if you don't believe me.

    Now that the inevitable has happened, and Obama's hand has been bloodied for reaching out though, strangely, I feel a renewed sense of...something.  Either Obama is the master chess player that some people say he is, and he will capitalize on Rethug schenanigans, or he has had an omnipotence bubble popped by this partial fiasco, but either way I feel confident that what comes next will vindicate his Democratic supporters.

    He may or may not have had this one, but I think he's got the next ones.

    Men with guns maturing in age will always pay a shitty wage.--Belle & Sebastian

    by andrewj54 on Sun Feb 08, 2009 at 05:54:46 PM PST

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