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  •  Dobson (5+ / 0-)
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    not welcome at my house.Messianic personality and greedy to boot. There's a lot of it about.


    Messiah complex is a state in which the individual believes themselves to be, or destined to become, the saviour of the particular field, a group, an event, a time period, or in an extreme scenario, the world. This could also be the state in which a group views an individual as a messiah, such as followers of a cult leader. The cult leader doesn't have to claim to be a messiah, but if he is treated as such by his followers, it can also be classified as such.

    People with a messiah complex tend to see themselves as saviors to a specific group of people or a specific field, making claims of their own glory, or claiming a self-awareness of their own gift and how that gift can affect a group of people or a field of life.

    Messiah Complex may also refer to a person who has formed a habit of "creating" crisis in a given culture, only to later "rescue" or "save" the poor helpless soul upon whom the crisis has been perpetrated.

    In the most extreme cases, people with a messiah complex may see themselves as spiritual/religious messiahs with transcendent powers who are destined to save the world. Often near death experiences prompt a messianic complex that can cause psychological trauma or remain as a guide for life

    Think Tank. "A place where people are paid to think by the makers of tanks" Naomi Klein.

    by ohcanada on Sun Feb 08, 2009 at 12:43:40 PM PST

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    •  perfect! thanks for posting that. (3+ / 0-)
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      boofdah, dotalbon, Amber6541

      It also, imho, involves the basic concept of dominionism insomuch as those that believe in this flavor don't grant any of God's protection or creation "equality" to anything but we humans; a point of view I absolutely detest.

      Whose marriage do we get to vote on next?

      by cany on Sun Feb 08, 2009 at 12:49:39 PM PST

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    •  The chilling study of authoritarians (3+ / 0-)
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      alizard, boofdah, Plox

      was all the rage around here a couple of years back.  In case you missed it:  The Authoritarians  This from the intro to the lengthy study, available online for free download.

      Many scattered impressions about the enemies of freedom and equality become solidified by science and coherently connected here.

      This diary by Stagarite reviews the study:

      Authoritarianism is a personality trait commonly operationally defined in terms of: a high degree of compliance with socially-accepted authorities; aggressiveness toward persons that is believed to be sanctioned by established authorities; and a high degree of adherence to social conventions believed to be favored by society and established authority.

      Working at the University of Manitoba, Bob Altemeyer confirmed the connection between authoritarianism and conservative and discriminatory beliefs but was again unable to demonstrate a correlation between punitive parenting and authoritarianism.

      Authoritarians are less likely than most people to demonstrate self-awareness (Altemeyer, 1999) and are more likely to favor religious beliefs over scientific data when the two appear to be in conflict (Westman et al., 2000).  Authoritarians exhibit more self-reported fear than the general population (Eigenberger, 1999), but tend to be prepared to cut low-status offenders more slack than high status offenders (Feather, 2002).  Authoritarianism correlates with security values such as national strength and order, religiosity, and propriety in dress and manners (Heaven, 2001), and the RWA-scale tends to be a better indicator of negative attitudes toward homosexuality than the SDO-scale (Whitley, et al., 2001).   Finally, individuals with high RWA scores may have greater trouble remembering what they read and making correct inferences (Wegmann, M.F. 1992).

      Most frightening of all to me is the finding that authoritarians are not driven by the beliefs they imagine they hold so dear.  They are not bothered by actively contradicting these beliefs when the situation shifts.

      It's time to take the radical step of privileging correct information over incorrect information. - Maddow

      by geomoo on Sun Feb 08, 2009 at 02:02:02 PM PST

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