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  •  is Kos the new name of YAHWE (0+ / 0-)

    I feel that you and me are bit misaligned or maybe it is intentional.

    there is no confrontation here, nothing to prove no need for self affirmation exercise.

    ---it started with an Image of Hillary's social miscue .... Bill wanted to kiss her she did not see and as she turned Obama kissed her.

    --- I come in to insinuate a sexual content to the Image- the old bull(bill Clinton) is replaced by a new one (obama).

    ---- I stop to thing about the proposition and come to the conclusion that she could actually be his mother (14 years older then him)....but only if we as a culture allowed 14 years to get married- guess what there is a culture that allows that....

    some where in that though process you entered my steam of consciousness

    ---- you said you were interested and needed more info PLEASE i provided it to you explaining that according to Sharia Law a women in sexually mature the day she receives her menstruation.

    ----- you recriminate me ......

    ...... I point out that, the proposition was a intellectual exercise and not a suggestion state that this is a site for X and not for Y..... which was beside the point unless you have the attention span of a 4 year old.

    I am now interested in how we come to this point and why we seem to have difficulty understanding each others intentions.

    then again maybe when a two way communication reaches this point it should terminate---

    let's call it a day : you win I apologise!

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