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View Diary: Khatami is In--This is a Clear Signal (309 comments)

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  •  I am not sure i buy this analysis and (1+ / 0-)
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    will wait to understand more from people who truly understand the situation on the ground in Iran.  There are some wildly weird positions taken here on the realtionship between iran and Iraq and the importance of the recent Iraq local elections.  And don't forget the element of Israel's imminent elections where the rightwing seem to be surging ahead of the more moderate Labour.  israel is appearing extremely hard right following Gaza.  These elections are all inter-connected.

    It was my recollection that during the last election Khatami did run but was prevented from speaking or having his supporters speak?

    i understand that the Supreme Leader Ayatollah holds the reins of power backed by the Republican Guard, but unless there is some semblance of adherence to fairness what is the point of even having elections. Why not just appoint the prime minister?

    I'll have to go check Juan Cole at Informed Comment and see what he has to say.  Robin Wright also is an 'expert' I trust.

    If it is true then it would seem that the new President's positon has taken seed without doing anything other than stating he was willing to talk?

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