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    It's high time that we acted as if we were locked in a struggle for our freedom and our country, maybe even our lives.

    Because we are.

    People who build detainment camps and torture chambers are not just people with whom we can politely disagree. They are our mortal enemies. Unless we willfully ignore the last eight years, we must realize there is little or nothing they will stop at to get their way, so we cannot afford to pull any punches. We must not forget that the only difference between Germany in 1933 and America in 2001 was that the miscreants who presided over the end of the Weimar Republic were competent. We got lucky. This time.

    Contrary to what the Bush era might have lead us to expect, while conservatism and human decency may be mutually exclusive, conservatism and competence are not. If we do not decisively defeat the Republican Party and consign it to the dustbin of history along with the Whigs, it is only a matter of time before the malice of a Dick Cheney is coupled with the competence of a Napoleon.

    To the barricades! Fight for the dream of freedom and equality! Fight, damn you! Fight!

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