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View Diary: A Message from History: Democrats, Attack! (258 comments)

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  •  I wanna fight for removing Nancy Pelosi. I feel (4+ / 0-)
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    keikekaze, FishBiscuit, lisastar, LaFajita

    that fight deeper with more passion. Nothing burns me up more than a designated team player who is total driftwood. I am in when we move to decively clean "House".

    •  And yet, she produced a much more progressive (5+ / 0-)

      stimulus bill than either the Senate or even Obama apparently wanted (given his comments attacking parts of the House bill).

      Not saying Pelosi's wonderful, but perhaps you will consider that the situation - and Congress - is much more complex than you think?  

      I suggest you use your ammunition to win the war with the Repukes before you start shooting at our own forces.

      •  Nancy produced......? A lot of us have been (1+ / 0-)
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        following her "career" for years. Ammunition toward her is highly warranted. In fact a downright war is in order with fully loaded cannons. Sorry for the total waste of love of Nancy, but it is definately in the minority. Have you read her approval ratings lately? The following is just a few recounts of her "progressive" input in the stimulus. Oh yeah that interview with George S. on why Planned Parenthood was stimulus gets an honorary Best Sarah Palin response award. Yep Barack put in WW2 Filipino war vet statues and Planned Parenthood STD and Hollywood Film funding in the stimulus. Nancy saved the day! Is that a pig I see flying outside my window?  

        Huffington Post

        Congress 2009

        TPM Tells it Nicely

        •  I'm not going to get into a weed-fight on this. (0+ / 0-)

          I don't love or not love Pelosi.

          As I see it, her job on the stimulus was to deliver as many votes for the bill as possible (she only lost 12 Ds - good when you consider who and where and voting patterns in previous post-Reagan years)
          in a mostly progressive bill (which she did - or do you think all those Senate cuts in State aid, education spending, etc. are a good thing?)  

          Or are you one those folks who deludes themselves into thinking the Country and Congress are liberal?

    •  Harry Reid too (1+ / 0-)
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      He doesn't have the fight nor leadership skills to engage in this battle.  He needs to go.

      Irresponsible wealth leads to unaccountable power.

      by rlharry on Mon Feb 09, 2009 at 05:56:06 AM PST

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