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  •  To what extent do you think the present alingment (2+ / 0-)
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    quotemstr, FishBiscuit

    and conflict is inherent in the compromise that formed this nation?  

    IMO a large part is.  Many of the same things could - and were, with minor historical adjustments - said by FDR, TR, Jackson, Jefferson and the Founding Father's themselves.  Much of the political history of this country can be seen as period of radical, populist (for the time) reforms, followed by retrechnment in the face of reactionary response by thier foes, rinse-and-repeat.  More the tide coming in and going out, but with the hope that the high-water mark comes closer to a just society each time.

    OTOH, whether our technological progress continues to allow such an incremental approach to progress remains to be seen.

    (BTW, a quibble: the US is not a 'civilization'.  Nor was Victorian England.  It would be more proper to consider both part of a European civilization beginning either with Renaissance, or perhaps the pre-Black Death medieval.)

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