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  •  But unfortunately (none)
    the whole Log Cabin split makes it look like the gay community themselves are not offended by the treatment Bush has given them.

    That unfortunately has given the green light for a lot of people to just pile on and not take the gay community seriously -

    It is like abuse - you should, of course, get away from people that abuse you -- you do not give them money and stay with them - like so many still have been doing with Bush.

    It drives me crazy.

    ...Release the Hounds

    by sara seattle on Wed Nov 03, 2004 at 10:47:54 PM PST

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    •  Gays aren't the Borg, you know. (none)
      It's pretty damn sad that even people here who claim to be progressive don't realize that not every gay person thinks the same or votes the same. That 20% voted for Bush suggests that some gays voted based on their tax cut, or based on terror, or based on anger at Democrats, or based on flawed exit polls when in reality the turnout may have been much lower. We are all so skeptical of vote totals -- why should everyone believe that he really got 20%?

      Even if he did, that's no reason for you and others to have such anger because a small fraction of the gay community voted for Bush. The only thing that causes people to not take the gay community seriously is when you and others paint millions of Americans with such a broad swathe.

      •  No (none)
        Log Cabins are "Jews for Hitler"...the folks who've decided that whole Death Camp thing doesn't outweigh the national greatness thing.

        In other words, instead of haranguing folks here who support your rights to the point of electoral harm, you may be better placed haranguing Log Cabins you know.

        •  Come off it. (none)
          The Log Cabin Republicans refused to endorse Bush and have been pretty critical of him this year. It's the first time they refused to endorse a Republican candidate.

          You used to meet gay Republicans, and they often drew respectful curiosity. Attacking them was seen as immature. That's changed in the past year. It is really hard to find a gay man who will confess to having voted for Bush, if they even exist. This is in a state with a strong tradition of gay Republicans. (Massachusetts)

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