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View Diary: Why Democrats should not abandon gay rights (163 comments)

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    It's not the democrat's fault that these 'christian' republicans are more interested in shafting gays than in the tanking economy or a disastrous war. They bear full responsibility for their fucked up values.

    Kerry's stance was never going to work with the evangelicals anyway. These people will never respect the concept of separating personal beliefs from public policy. If they did, they wouldn't oppose gay marriage in the first place. It is their mission to impose their personal beliefs on everyone else. If we accept that we might as well forget about being a democracy.

    Running to the center will not work. If we have learnt anything in the past years it's that they will never meet us halfway. I say we strongly support gay marriage. Lets talk values. OUR values . The values of equality and civil rights. How do we expect to sway people unless we state our case with conviction? Many people unfortunately, are followers. They will follow if you lead.

    Abandoning gays is NOT an option.

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