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View Diary: Why Democrats should not abandon gay rights (163 comments)

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  •  Why Black America should not support slavery... (none)
    • Why drunk drivers should not flip off cops...

    • Why people should not jump in front of speeding trains...

    • Why razor blades should not be used in pie filling...

    Because its stone cold stupid.

    Seriously James, in the era of "Will and Grace," do you really think we're dumb enough to "reinvent" ourselves as ambivalent about gay rights?

    Rethugs win elections because they lie and cheat, not because we're not bigoted enough.

    •  who is this "we"? (none)
      i realize most posters here are extremely socially liberal (which is why i do not consider myself a "liberal"), but you'all are out of the mainstream of even the Democratic Party. most Democrats, except the activists, don't support gay marriage. minorites in fact are even more disapproving towards gays (said sorrowfully as a minority) than whites, but they vote disproportionately Democrat. i read many of the platforms of Democrats running for local offices in Southern states and Kentucky and the Midwest where the Dems ran on "saving traditional values" and cited their opposition to gay marriage as evidence number 1.
      •  Did you read what he said? (none)
        He wasn't talking about gay marriage, he was just talking about that he doesn't think most Democrats hate gays. Do you really think that he doesn't even have a right to say that? Damn. It seems like you are trying to brag about how anti-gay you think the party is.
      •  You don't have to be liberal. (none)
        There's a strong conservative case for marriage.  David Brooks and Chuck Muth, for instance make a good case.  Here's Brooks:

        Anyway, I'm not a liberal, but if it's "liberal" to make sure that people have access to health insurance and kids are protected, then I don't have any problem with being called liberal.

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