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View Diary: Why Democrats should not abandon gay rights (163 comments)

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  •  asdf (none)
    and yet JFK made the same argument when MLK jr. was pushing the issue, hurting the party's chances in a closely divided nation.

    the problem is not that the electorate needs time to get used to it, the problem is that we have not done a good enough job arguing our case in terms that sway people that do not yet agree with us.

    MLK changed hearts and mind. those pictures of the weddings in SF did too, although everybody seems to have forgotten that of late. if you want change, you must lead.

    •  Changed minds, but which way (none)
      In the final analysis, a lot of non-voters on the right changed their minds and showed up at the polls. I admit, I don't begin to understand their problem with gay marriage, but i don't have to explain them, just see them.

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