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View Diary: DIEBOLD - audit logs - useless! (204 comments)

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  •  it isn't just that it is access.. (none)
    it is their systemic lax attitude to security witnessed by their response to legitimate queries by election officials.

    Are we ISO 9000 certified?
    hah! no whats that?

    Someone wants to shut off OS access? ok?
    tell em can't be done, the OS is needed to run the election procedures.

    Someone wants to know why we can modify the audit trail?
    tell em thats just computers, everything is r/w

    Hey, in a demo, the numbers didn't add up!
    dunno, make a bug report if it happens again

    that kind of stuff. their email is riddled with it.

    •  This is unacceptable (none)
      Honestly, voting software is not complicated. These emails and the fact that they are using a Mickey Mouse .mdb file should be a huge, freaking warning bell.
      •  They're using Access .mdb ... (none)
        because they think voting software isn't complicated. Well, it's more complicated than they expected.

        The memos show, to me, incompetence, management cost cutting, and geekish techie behavior rather than deliberate malice. But the fact that no one, not the management nor the developers, are even trying to think about the security questions should rule these people out as competent vendors. That's leaving all questions about deliberate fixing and the appropriateness of the technology aside.

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