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    Help...I'm lost. I've served our country in the Armed Forces, I believed once. Now, I find myself wandering in a wilderness and wondering if this election was a fraud. The Marine in me wants to believe, wants to believe in the fairness and goodness of America. But disturbing questions keep popping up, like: Diebold voting machines, were they rigged? Is all the anecdotal evidence about pressing button for Kerry, and Bush lighting up, are these stories true? And if so, what should be done about it? Something in my gut and in my heart tells me that Kerry won the election. Something tells me that the country IS divided, but leaning in OUR direction, not theirs. But, in order to sway it the other way, the GOoPers have to cheat, by skewing the election via "jimmy-ed computer voting machines". I' not a tin foil hat wearer(at least I hope not), but at what point does painful conjecture become painful truth. In other words, at what point did most German Jews finally realize that Hitler wasn't just a blowhard that most Germans weren't listening to, that in fact the Nazis were REALLY taking over and DID want to kill them! Answer: when it was too late. I'm hurt fellow Americans(as I'm sure you all can tell) you've got a hurt Marine out here. Something just doesn't feel right about this. I really believe Kerry had the votes in Ohio and that these paperless computer machines are rigged and that's how Bush "won", by his operatives cheating...once again. So again, the question is what do we do? What kind of country is this? We've been robbed and I'm pissed. What do we do? Semper Fidelis

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