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View Diary: DIEBOLD - audit logs - useless! (204 comments)

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  •  This should have its own diary! (none)
    Write this up.
    •  I agree... (none)
      We need to shine some serious light on this.  I keep coming back to this post, waiting for someone to offer an explanation of what we see on that table.  

      Why would the opti-scan be more susceptable to fraud?

      "The government is us, you and me." - TR

      by Chance the gardener on Thu Nov 04, 2004 at 07:44:45 AM PST

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      •  We need to do more than just... (none)
        ...shine a light on it.  We need to make it our NUMBER ONE PRIORITY to GET RID OF THESE MACHINES.

        We must do everything we can to discredit and de-legitimatize Bush Inc.--for our safety, if for nothing else (Americans have NOT endorsed Bush Inc. killing innocent Muslims and taking over the Middle East!)

        But equally important:  We MUST RESTORE OUR RIGHT TO VOTE.  

        I want to see Diebold machines thrown into Boston Harbor.  Now!

        Michael Moore, where are you?

        •  I've been wishing .... (none)
          i wish we had just read the writing on the wall early and taken a page out of the original revolutionaries' book.

          so, next time....

          why don't we get together and go to the polling locations during early voting and smash the electronic machines and demand paper ballots for the voters?  sometimes, this is what it takes.  

        •  Completely agree (none)
          Please, if you know computer professionals, especially those who have developped MS Access based apps, sign them up.

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