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View Diary: DIEBOLD - audit logs - useless! (204 comments)

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  •  Completely on target, but (none)
    Please, please, please stop attributing this to a "republican" tactic.  Look at Georgia.  It's a Democratic SoS who defends these machines to the point of being accused of working for Diebold.

    It was a Democratic SoS and Governor who brought these machines to our state.  Both who, frankly, rolled over the citizens to do so.

    Maryland is the same - it's Democrats who are responsible for Diebold electronic voting machines there.

    This is NON partisan.

    •  The point isn't who put the machine in place (none)
      Unlike some, I don't beleive e-voting is inherently evil. But I'm a software engineer, and I've never trusted the current voting system.

      Until we, Dems, Independents and Republicans can actually see proof of where our votes are going, this question will be valid.

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