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  •  Sorry, must correct you (none) is not bogus.  David Allen is a dedicated activist who was the original publisher of Bev Harris' book.  

    Bev's paranoia and conspiracy theories caused a split between them when she accused David of filing a Qui Tam lawsuit before she could get hers filed.

    Of course, Bev's accusations against David Allen were as bogus as her accusations against David Dill, Kim Alexander, Avi Rubin, David Jefferson, Cindy Cohn, myself and many other activists and professionals on this issue.

    But facts have never gotten in Bev Harris' way in the past, we have no reason to believe they will now.

    •  Fear and paranoia (none)
      I am a long time environmental activist and I know something about fear and paranoia, and what it can do to individuals and groups.  I urge you and all people with good hearts to beware, beware, beware of what fighting this Evil Empire can do to you and your friends, emotionally and psychologically.    

      Beware of "black ops" aimed at "divide and conquer."  Beware of how death threats and fear of ruin, and fear of your family being harmed, and the sheer power of the forces against you, can get inside of you and others.

      We all react in different ways, and have different vulnerabilities.  Sometimes exhaustion is the problem--someone just being too heroic and burning themselves out.  Or feeling you are all alone and then making that come true by how you act.  Or inherent emotional problems, or small conflicts, getting out of hand because the thing you are fighting is so overwhelming.  We must beware of taking our anger and fear out on each other.  And most of all, we need to BE AWARE that that is what is happening.  

      This is a  very terrible thing we are living through--the loss of our democracy--and it can tear us to pieces.  We must not let that happen.  We must all try to act for the common good, and develop wisdom and compassion in dealing with each other.  

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