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  •  Math Help Please for Independent Vote (none)
    I need help with calculating the Independent Vote for Hillsborough County, the actual figures are below..

    The total registered voters for Hillsborough are 621,201, a total of 460,047 votes were cast or a 73.4% according to but I calculated 74.04% in a check..but my math stinks.

    Bush received 243,816 with 53% of the vote, with 35.1% being registered Republicans.
    The EXPECTED total of 35.1% Republicans voting x 460,047 votes cast should have been: 161,476 (Is this correct?)

    What is the percentage jump?

    Kerry received 212,789 with 46.25% of the vote, with 41.7% being registered Democrats.
    the EXPECTED total of 41.7% Democrats voting x 460,047 votes cast is should have been 191,813 (Is this correct?)

    What is the percentage jump?

    How would I calculate the independent vote with those figures and the minority parties voting as below..and how do I distribute the independent totals?  

    Peroutka (Cpf)  362 or  0.08 of the vote
    Nader (Ref)   1,965 or  0.42 of the vote
    Badnarik (Lib)  762 or  0.17 of the vote
    Cobb (Green)    224 or  0.05 of the vote
    Harris (SPF)     92 or  0.02 of the vote

    Thanks for all your help!!

    Just Another Fevered Ego...

    by MelvinFrohike on Thu Nov 04, 2004 at 09:42:14 AM PST

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