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  •  if only there was such a thing as a rational (none)
    neo con who could take views like this to the president and make him understand that the world is bigger than "texas truths"
    •  neo-cons (4.00)
      I've started reading Shadia Drury's book about the American neo-conservative movement -- Leo Strauss and the American Right -- and I'm starting to think neo-con and rational are a contradiction in terms.

      I'd recommend this book because it made so many things fall into place for me: the cynical pandering to the religious right with platitudes, the whole idea of not telling the truth to the public are part and parcel of the whole thing, the emphasis on ideology over reality, etc.

      To spare you me making a total hash of this at half past two, here's a brief article by Drury who views the neo-cons from a liberal perspective.

    •  No such thing (none)
      Neo-conservatism is inherently irrational...

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