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  •  Maybe it will take four more years... (none)
    for Americans to wake the hell up but don't count on it. The religious right agenda is not one that will likely subside any time soon. I'm not ready to give up on America, but like that drunken friend described above, he is wearing thin indeed.
    •  Everyone keeps saying (none)
      it is the religous right, but I don't think it is. I've heard plenty of mainstream middle of the road Americans use the tired  line  "changing horses midstream" (or mid war) and of being afraid of the Islamic boogey man coming to murder them in their beds as their excuse for voting for Bush. They refuse to understand that Bush is making things worse and by killing Muslums instead of just taking on  terrorists and terrorism -they not really grasping that there is a difference- wrongly assume that he is doing a good job.

      I think alot of that is due to the soundbite driven media and  that very few people bother (or have the attention span or time in our overbooked lives) to delve deeper into what the real implications are for the US and the world- they have this narrow view that if it doesn't affect their existence in the now it doesn't matter, failing to see how "trickle down politics" really does affect every aspect of their lives everyday.
      The thing is the neocon minority has figured  out that you can slide alot by Americans in this day and age of McNews  and exploit it every chance they get, and the MSM play along because in the end for them its all about ratings and a "it bleeds it leads" policy handed down by the corperate bosses instead of delving into the bigger, more complicated  reality of how our policies as a Superpower on an ever shrinking planet play out. Add to that the presumption that because we are America therefore we are always right and we have this recipie for disaster.

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