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  •  I'm not a member of the Labour Party... (none)
    ...and usually vote LibDem.  I'm not especially left wing, actually, but this war was just a step too far and Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo and our own little oubliette for indefinite detention of foreigners without trial at Belmarsh Prison in South East London makes me vomit.  A lot of people in this country, from the left of Labour and those to the left of Labour right through to a fair number of dry as dust Thatcherite Tories are sickened by what Blair has done to this country both in Iraq and by subverting our own criminal justice system to suit the war on terror.

    But as far as I can see it the Labour backbenchers in parliament have the backbone of a jellyfish, and most of the ordinary Labour members I know are just completely gutted and are slowly dropping out of active politics or letting their party membership lapse.  They worked their backside off for 18 years to get back into power after 1979 and then got this shithawk in Number 10.

    I was canvassed by Labour just before the European and London Mayoral elections in June.  I ripped into the poor sod on the doorstep about Iraq and why I would never vote Labour again.  The canvasser just agreed with me, said he felt the same way even as a party member and looked so basically miserable that I wanted to hug him.  The sad thing is, because of three party politics and the electoral system Blair could, and probably will, win a three figure majority with about 39% of the popular vote.

    At least in America you have a clear choice.  You can pick yourself off the floor and work to take back Congress in 2006 (how big will the budget deficit be then?), which is more than can be said here.

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