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    Because I have noticed that right-wingers seem honestly convinced that other countries have no chances of ever doing anything to stop us from whatever we wish to do -- the great United States is invincible, after all. They can't conceive of blowback that is meaningful.

    IMO, this is hubris fueled by a decidedly narrow view of history. I can't imagine Hitler thought the United States would be the difference in World War II. We had almost no military infrastructure until the eve of entering that war and ended a superpower. And yet we think other countries have no chance against our might. The jingoistic view that we are so special because only we have will and might is going to destroy the country even more certainly than the enemies Bush will bring us.

    At this point I find that I take the philosophical view that nations come and nations go, because I just am not optimistic that we can maintain anything that resembles our current status on the world stage. We either become the dictatorial empire we claim to despise or we face a world increasingly hostile and united in its view that it is we who need to be stopped.

    •  We are vulnerable (none)
      We need foreign oil. We need foreign products. To finance this, we need foreign capital. And in a year or so, we'll have a military that can still bomb the crap out of things, but with such an exhausted ground force that we won't be able to hold off a kindergarten class from an ice cream truck.

      What we had was legitimacy, respect, and . Bush is burning through that at a great rate. For the last few years, the rest of the world has bided its time and waited for Bush to go, but I don't think that's going to happen for much longer.

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