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  •  Dems need to learn lessons from abroad (none)
    this is what Blair did in the UK. Major and the Tories (led then by Hague and Duncan-Smith) just went more and more rabidly off to the right (shows itself in anti-Europeanism in the UK, nothing religious) so the Labour Party camped itself in the middle and won't be moved now.

    They could be in power for another 15 years.

    The Democrats need to study the sea change in UK politics that occurred between 1994-98...there are lessons to be learnt from others.

    Labour dropped the "loony" policies that were getting them hurt in the media: such as unilateral disarmament and banning private education and health care. Once you get into power on a centrist platform, you can do a lot of the things you deeply care about (like banning fox hunting, signing up to EU Constitution and European Court of Human Rights and Euro Social Charter....all cuss words in the GWB dikshenary).

    •  And more than that.. (none)
      ... the Labour Party managed to change the terms of the debate. It wasn't so long ago that we genuinely feared that our education and health services would be privatised. Now Labour has shifted the parameters of the debate in such a way that anyone in the Tory party that spoke of such things would be derided in their own ranks as a rabid extremist. They're falling over themselves to compete with the Labour party on the Labour party's terms on a range of issues from the economy to health to education, while simultaneously exposing themselves to charges of extremism by trying to pacify their core voters, who by now are die-hard anti-Europeans and free-market loons who advocate a return to the days of Empire.
    •  the Democrats have been the centre for years (none)
      You're talking about moving them to the right to follow the Republicans as they move to the extreme right.  

      You keep saying "half of us didn't vote for Bush!" as if those were your liberal credentials, but if you're having to move right to follow your voters, isn't the world quite justified in seeing you as a conservative, even reactionary country?

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