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  •  Yes, let's see how smug they are when Bush comes (none)
    after their children to fight his crusades.

    Disgust, rage, depression, disgust, rage, depression.

    The people in their self-righteous religious comas who voted to keep this abomination of an administration in office all have the blood of innocents on their hands now.

    You just know that now their arrogance coupled with their incompetence will give them plenty of rope to hang themselves with.

    "These candidates make me want to vomit in terror" - Homer Simpson

    by Eggman on Thu Nov 04, 2004 at 05:16:46 AM PST

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    •  See, nobody cares about that (none)
      Gays marrying is more important than thier kids being sent off to pointless war after pointless war.

      A significant minority of the American public are religious right nutjobs, and the number is growing larger.  It will soon be a true majority.

      We are completely fucked.  There is no solution here.  I hate to be defeatist, but I live in a reality based world.

      Kerry may have been a poor canidate, but so was Bush-thier poorness balanced out at the very least.  Anybody who was moderate could see that Bush was a dangerous idiot.  They all voted for Kerry.  It wasn't enough.

      Of course, this is all assuming we weren't Diebolded.  If we were, there was a level of competence in the conspiracy that this administration is not known for.

      •  Diebolded (none)
        I just read that a huge freedom of information act request has been made for voting records.

        The Rovians seized the presidency in 2000 in a bloodless coup and have had four years to plan how to do it again. They obviously can only be trusted to be untrustworthy.

        "These candidates make me want to vomit in terror" - Homer Simpson

        by Eggman on Thu Nov 04, 2004 at 10:11:20 AM PST

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