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  •  good so.... (none)
    The more I think about it, the more I think this finishes it for Blair. It's people's only way of protesting Bush.

    I like your idea of a blog, but lose the misogynistic name, please.

    •  I wish. (none)
      I'm sorry to sound blunt, but be serious.  People are going to not vote for Blair next year????  Look, the economy's pinky, Gordon Brown really runs domestic policy anyway, the LibDems have thrown away their best opportunity in a generation and the Tories are still a joke.  Had Menzies Campbell or Simon Hughes been leader of the LibDems it might be different.  Had the Portillo/Clarke socially libertarian wing taken over the Tory Party and came out against the war, they'd be pitting their anti-War record against Brown's economic record in the elction next year, with Blair very much a liability.

      But none of this happened, and Blair, mistrusted and slightly mad as he may be is still a sharp political operator and far from finished.  Look at how he's led Gordon Brown (who really runs the country while Tony swans off around the world looking for adulation) around by the nose over the past few months.

      •  of course.. (none)
        ...everything you say is correct. there's more than one side to this. But I do see people staying home in droves/voting for Mickey Mouse parties or the Lib Dems.  
        I really think people will want to hurt Bush and Blair. This is not going to go away.

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