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  •  51% of the American people? (none)
    Actually, not anywhere near that many. When you factor in all the people who didn't vote (eligible voters in the US number well over 200 million), Bush was elected by a mere 27 or so percent of the eligible voting population. It may be small comfort these days, but something to remember. Why nearly 100 million voters sat out the "most important election of our time" is something to be considered as we fight for the future.
    •  sorry, that's irrelevant (none)
      Those who did not vote in this election -- in THIS election, with so much on the line -- will never be moved to vote.  Forget 'em.

      Elections are decided by voters, period.  Let's not grasp at that tired old idea that somehow we can reach those who don't participate, and instead focus on those who do.

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