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    John DE

    The satellites I use most often are the GOES.  Reading the history of the program it just says they decommission the old satellites, but from what I can tell they don't actually de-orbit them.  This is all I could find regarding decommissioning.

    1. GOES-8 Decommissioning

    Care must be taken during the step-by-step decommissioning of GOES-8 subsystems (e.g. comm. and instruments) described above to ensure the final configuration corresponds to a safe storage state.  Also, GOES-8 transmitters must be configured so that downlinks do not interfere with any other mission.   As of this time, the final disposition of GOES-8 has not been determined.  It is planned that GOES-8 will be moved Westward immediately after GOES-12 station acquisition at 75W.   This is necessary to eliminate the commanding conflict.  (A controlled drift maneuver is desirable so that the GOES-8 semi-major axis is sufficiently changed to not conflict the Air Force mission at 90W.)  A decision will then be made as to where GOES-8 should then be stopped, with the 105W station stable equilibrium being the prime candidate at least temporarily.

    Source: GOES East Swap report from NASA (pdf)

    "-know that your people will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy." --President Barack Obama

    by TexMex Junkie on Wed Feb 11, 2009 at 05:26:20 PM PST

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