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  •  The same players... (0+ / 0-)

    ...that oversaw the dismantling of our economy (the Bush era holdovers and the Clinton era retreads) - Barney, Chris, Ben, Timothy, et al. - the folks that said that there was no bubble, there was no financial problem, it's all sub-prime, it's contained, etc. - are the same incompetent idiots that somehow now have a plan to fix everything.

    I'm real confident that throwing a couple of trillion borrowed dollars at the wealthy bankers and Wall Street gang is going to make everything just peachy.

    Good thing they thought this whole plan out and didn't rush it through because if we don't rush and get something to the President tomorrow there will be a catastrophe.  That plan worked out real well w/ TARP 1.

    Good thing a lot of these folks have trouble filing their own personal income taxes.

    Face it - We are doomed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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