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    I've been reading Alex Merk for awhile. He's in the currency business, so he's in my circle of informants. A bit right wing, but he knows his stuff.

    Anyway, he runs a couple of mutual funds I really like -- the Hard Currency Fund and the Asian Currency Fund.

    Many consumers are aware of the falling dollar but don't know how to protect their capital against its decline. Others are uncomfortable choosing specific foreign currencies or investing in currency derivatives. The Merk Mutual Funds may serve as valuable diversification components as they seek to protect against a decline in the dollar while potentially mitigating stock market, credit and interest risks-with the ease of investing in no-load mutual funds.

    I like the Merk Funds. They do well. I recommend them as a no-stress haven to protect yourself and your wealth over the next 18 months or so. I've got some money over there, as well, even though it breaks my no-USD holdings strategy.

    Check out their prospectus.

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