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View Diary: Afghanistan: More Troops are Only One Part of the Solution (38 comments)

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    We had afghanistan under control. Then Bush funneled the money and troops to Iraq. Even with Generals being fired left and right the Generals in afghanistan openly cried out for money and troops. they got nothing as fighting terrorism was never a priority. thats what happens when you hamstring your army... it bleeds and loses control of the situation.

    I dont knwo if you've served. But you send a battalion of Airborne or Rangers against any group in the world theyd better have tens of thousands ready to die for their cause if they   want to "win". But when you spread those same elite troops out one per hundred miles.. well things do change.

    Murder is Fun

    by cdreid on Sun Feb 15, 2009 at 09:02:19 AM PST

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