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View Diary: John Judis and What Army? (41 comments)

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    You make some great points, such as that leaders of organizations (unions, MoveOn) can't stray too far from what their memberships support and believe, without undermining their own effectiveness and damaging their organizations. Also, that the long-term benefits to the entire movement of legislation like EFCA are huge, and should not be put at risk for dubious or short-tem gain in whatever the political firefight of the day happens to be.

    OTOH, I don't share your seeming disdain for bloggers-- no surprise, since I are one. Seems to me that an ally is an ally, even if s/he doesn't look or act like what you expected. It's kind of CW that the emergence of left blogs, added to existing, traditional forms of organizing, has helped move the whole political spectrum in the progressive direction. Do you disagree with that CW?

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      Your question makes no sense to me. I don't "have disdain for bloggers." I have disdain for a grouposcule of bloggers that think telling other organizations what to do - without regard for what wins the battles - is somehow a proper role for bloggers in movement building.

      If that shoe doesn't fit you, then I wasn't writing about you. I know it doesn't fit a great many bloggers out there, including many people here at DKos. To say that a blogger who criticizes a small tendency among some bloggers therefore has "disdain for (all) bloggers" is just silly.

      (I also think bloggers don't do well when they are as oversensitive to criticism as the mainstream media we criticize.)

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