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  •  Not 435 and 35 (none)
    We need to focus on winnable races in districts where we can trust the election mechanism.  And, of course, good candidates.
    •  Midterms, midterms midterms (none)
      I for one think any party hack or talking head who starts handicapping 2008 (Hillary? Bill Richardson?  Ben Afflecchh?) should take a long drink of Shut the Hell Up until after the Mid Term Elections.  The thrills & chills of this board have come (for me) in watching the spirit of insurgency revived in the Dem Party -- whether it's Dean or Fannie Lou Hamer or the Rainbow Coalition (its ground game, not its figurehead) there's a robust tradition that Dem functionaries keep trying to isolate.  Let it bloom this time: a centrist in the South, a populist in the Rust Belt, unapologetic Progressives, an ex-Republican I don't care -- let 'em run for those House & district seats and with those results map out an 08 strategy that can reach their supporters.  And yes yes yes, reframe this picture!

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