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  •  silver lining (none)
    hopefully bush's mistakes won't be ignroed by the media this time around. we're close to the brink of fiscal, environmental, and cultural disaster. there may be two more wars in our near future, and the world is pissed at us for reelecting bush. in other words, we have no safety net.

    but neither does bush. last time bush's answers were as follows:
    sluggish economy? it was like that when i got here
    9/11? clinton didn't do his part
    healthcare? gosh, i hope this administration isn't to blame
    cultural division? see above

    and so on and so on.

    so the silver lining is hopefully that the truth of why this country was gone down the tubes will be too hard for even the press to ignore.

    •  That is where WE come in ... (none)
      hopefully bush's mistakes won't be ignroed by the media this time

      If the media were left to themselves, they would be.  But the most important single (good) thing to have come out of this cycle - even more than the fundraising techniques pioneered by Dean and now embodied in the 527s - is our evolving message machine, of which DKos is a prominent part.  

      The right wing's media machine has been able to spin the media because it learned how the media works and what it's a sucker for.  Now we are also learning, and we will become steadily better at it as we gain experience.  Being reality-based helps!

      -- Rick Robinson

      •  527s, internet funding, media & Bush Inc. (none)
        I think we really need to understand what's coming down here, and be clear-eyed about it.  For instance, 527s may well be stripped of their status.  Corporations and the rich don't  need them.  We do.  And they may go for curtailing internet donations.  They know where our power is.  They will act to shut us down.  They have absolute power to do so.

        They know what we almost pulled off--and would have pulled off but for their Diebold machines and other dirty tricks.  They don't want this to happen again--a concerted, all-out effort to oust them.

        This is a rightwing coup d'etat, and it's not going to be pretty.  I also anticipate a move to impose paperless voting nationwide.  And I think we need to stop this and reverse it, while we still have the power to do so.  There is nothing more important to us than a secure voting system.  

        Also, I think we should not depend on the corporate media going after Bush Inc. in any way--no matter how bad they get--or on their presenting the truth of a deteriorating national economic scene, or airing any dissent.  We could have hundreds of thousands of people homeless on the streets, and they either  wouldn't cover it at all, or would paint a rosy picture of Bush Inc.'s compassionate bread lines, and the smiling peasants being fed, and this being only temporary, and jobs at Wal-Mart being right around the corner.

        Mark my words, we are almost there now.  

        We have to be very smart about this--smarter than the Germans during Hitler's rise.  There, the Left couldn't get organized, couldn't stop squabbling among themselves, and couldn't get firm hold of the reins of power.  

        Power in this country still resides in the vote, and we are right on the verge of losing that power altogether.  If we act now, in a concerted way, to achieve a paper trail everywhere, we are taking one big step in the right direction--acting together, and keeping who owns the power an open matter.

        I'm not saying don't try with the media.  We absolutely should put pressure on them in every way we can.  It's not a monolith yet.  It still needs advertisers and viewers.  It might report some things.  But their coverage of this administration so far, of the Iraq war, of this campaign, and of this election do not bode well.  And they may go right along with suppressing internet political power, because we are a rival to them, and we have put them to shame.

        A protected vote--and a means of funding progressive campaigns.  Those are the two essentials.  And, alternative media.

        It may be, that if they shut down 527s, but we, at the same time, reform the Dem party to the left, we can give our money to the Dems, and at least keep it an even playing field.  But they STILL have the media, generally, and we don't yet have anything comparable for reaching masses of people, just some beginning efforts--like Air America, and more elite outlets like the internet and Democracy Now.

        Boycotts, divestiture and dis-investment may be the way to go, in dealing with the corporate media--with a separate effort to further develop alternative TV and radio.  

        I'm sure there are internet lawyers keeping a sharp eye on government interference.  If not, that needs to be done.

        Clear-eyed:  We--the people of this country--have been stomped on by skilled propagandists and criminals.  They stole this election right out from under our noses, even with the entire activist Left alert to the possibilities (but not so alert to Diebolding).  

        They are now going to try to fundamentally undermine our ability to fight back.  And we have to get smarter, anticipate where they're going to hit next, and go there first, and stack up the barricades--as with paper trail voting.

        We have it all over the Germans, in knowing that history.  It's time we took some lessons from it:  Keep the Left unified and aimed at retaining (or re-gaining) the levers of power.  Don't let them get control of the voting booths.  

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