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  •  What problems? (none)
    Don't you sense the new beginning? The new spirit? The "refreshing" new breeze?

    Turns out all those things we thought we were problems only days ago were just illusions! What were our warped little minds thinking?

    Everything's "sunshine in America" problems that a few cabinet shuffles in late January won't solve, and certainly nothing worth bringing up in a honeymoon press conference, for heaven's sake. All those concerns are SO yesterday!

    Let's get on now to creating an "ownership" society. So many of us have never owned anything before--what a radical new political idea! Will the visionary inspiration ever end? Only if we let it!

    It's the long-delayed honeymoon, folks, that W never got the first time around, and now that he'll actually take direct questions from the Press, what more could we ask for?

    Sit back and relax now, and watch W construct his pedestal in history. A legend is in the making...

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