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  •  Mark Warner for DNC Chair (none)
    I know a lot of Kossacks are hoping Howard Dean is the next head of the DNC. I wholeheartedly respect Dean for what he has done for our party, and what he continues to fight for every day.

    I think Dean is doing good work at DFA. I hope that work continues. I think making DFA the left's answer to the DLC is a worthwhile goal, and I think he is the man to do it. We all agree we need to strengthen these Democratic groups right now.

    But as the head of the DNC, I think Governor Mark Warner of Virginia should be the next chairman. He is both talented and term-limited, and it would be a shame for the Democratic Party to let him fade off the map.

    Warner is a Harvard grad whose gubernatorial campaign serves as an example of how Democrats can win over rural voters. At a time when Democrats - despite being right on the economy, taxes, healthcare, and foreign policy - are losing because of our weakness among conservative rural voters, we need a DNC chair who knows how to win them over.

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