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  •  Bush's believers will not be dissuaded. (none)
    The thing is, a shitload of people who voted for him aren't actual 'believers'. They were just ignorant of what they were buying. We will let Bush show his true colors, run a real Democrat from the plains who doesn't come off as weak (like Daschle and Gephardt do) and watch the Repugs retreat back to the South where they belong. And we will keep them there for good because we won't make the mistake of running a schoolmarm for Pres (don't get me wrong, I liked Kerry but yours and my vote ain't gonna win it for us). Democrats are tough-minded folks. We have to make sure the non-city dwellers (who vote more for individuals and less for ideas) see that. And if you want to argue about what I just said regarding the non-city dwellers, then explain how the same person could vote first for Reagan and later for Clinton (clearly many people did just that).

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    by solaroh on Thu Nov 04, 2004 at 12:27:13 PM PST

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