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  •  Creative talent (none)
    Even the right wing media employs mostly left leaning people in their creative departments (I confess to having a family member at Fox, though he/she loathes the place). We have  ALL the talent basically on our side. Why can't we find a way to package news as entertainment? On a MAJOR network. (Much as I love Air America, I have to listen to their signal through so much static I get a sinus headache.)

    Why was Farenheit 9/11 a hit? Because people went into agreeing with the politics of Michael Moore? No. Because Michael Moore has the talent to ENTERTAIN them while he informs them.

    We have the writing talent, the comedy talent, the graphics talent, the musical talent. This is something we lefties can EXCEL at. All we need are a couple of billionaires to get us started.

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