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  •  my first post ever... (3.00)
    Republicans have said that they won this election on "God, guns, and gays" and they are right. We need to become more competitive in those areas.

    First, we need to start winning the war of words. They are killing us with rhetoric...the death tax, pro-abortionists, partial-birth abortion, etc. We need to start fighting back. Gun "Control" should be called gun "Safety" and we should promote policy that promotes safety, including a mandatory safety class before anyone can take a gun home. My second suggestion is to take advantage of the word "HANDOUTS". Republicans have used this word to their advantage in relation to welfare, we need to start using it too. Every democrat should refer to any Bush tax "cut" not as a tax cut, but as a "Handout to the rich". No one wants to see handouts go to the rich. My suggestion for "Handouts" clearly needs  bit more work, but it is a start.

    My second suggestion for how we make inroads on "God, guns, and gays" is that we start to infiltrate the church. I don't mean this in a negative way, but I know that several denominations use quarterlies in Sunday school or Bible study classes. Apparently several of these quarterlies take verses of the Bible and then interpret them based on a different context than that they were originally set in. This is how they have manipulated believers into thinking that the bible condemns abortion and homosexuals....etc. I think we should do what Republicans have been doing for the past 30 years. Let's face it, they have been manipulating people of faith and getting better at it as time has gone by. I think it is time we start interpreting the Bible in our own quarterlies. If we can get churches to use quarterlies that interpret the Bible in a more "Christian" way, then perhaps we can prevent any more damage and start making some inroads into the Christian vote.

    As far as "gays" are concerned I think we should stand our ground. The general public once displayed the same opposition to women and minorities...and as we all know too well, much of the population still does. Gay rights may not be gotten tomorrow, but Democrats have to be a party of ALL people and we have to fight for the rights of ALL those people who don't currently have them. I think if we use the rhetoric of the Constitution, and the very rhetoric they use regarding "freedom" then perhaps we can begin to make some inroads on this issue as well. But for the moment, 2 out of three wouldn't be bad. This may take half of my lifetime (as I am 27), but I am NOT going to go away, and I am not going to stop fighting.

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