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  •  The Bottom Line... (none) that this campaign was lost by a slim margin against George Bush, who will quite possibly go down as the very worst two-term President in history.  This was a VERY badly-run campaign, and whether we like it or not, Karl Rove's assumptions in this campaign were dead on target.

    The Dems allowed Bush/Rove+Co to co-opt phrases / concepts (like "moral values") early in the campaign without challenging them at all - with specifics - and attacking back.  Ditto when it came down to defining Kerry.  The Dems weren't prepared for this campaign and they started way too late, i.e. - in September.  The Dems have NUMEROUS issues that could have / should have been better exploited and communicated - to the point of utilizing buzz-words that everyone understood - but they didn't.  Yet at the same time, the Republicans were able to move nonsense like the Mary Cheney issue to the front of the news for almost an entire week, just by being coordinated and consistent.

    The Dems need to take a page from Rove's playbook, and begin the 2008 Presidential campaign in 2005....

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