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  •  Conspiracy theories (none)
    I wasn't talking about "these conspiracy theories."  I was talking about the one right under our noses.  And you don't think Karl Rove & Co. are competent enough to do it?  In fact, they already did, in a couple of the '02 by-elections--practicing for the big show in '04.

    Please educate yourself on this issue.  There is a reason for the knockdown dragout fights with Republican election officials (and a few stupid or corrupt Democrats) over the last few years over electronic voting with no paper trail.  What honest election official and good  public servant would ever want a voting system that could not be audited and in which no recount of the votes is possible?  Or one with insecure, highly penetrable software?

    There is a REASON that they have pushed these systems, and that the voting machine companies are owned by Bush donors--including one who wrote that he would do everything in his power to  "deliver Ohio to President Bush."

    They desperately wanted this system in place by '04.  One third of the country voted on machines with no paper trail.  You wonder why all our efforts went for nothing--the biggest voter registration and GOTV campaign I have ever seen; you wonder why all the long voting lines were in Dem and minority districts, yet Bush won?

    This election makes no sense.  All the evidence isn't in yet, but there are already strong indications of fraud.  And even though they tried their darndest to create a voting system in which fraud is undetectable, I think  the inferential evidence will be convincing.

    And this significantly changes what we should be talking about, and what we should do now.

    For instance, people are taking "lessons" from this Bush "win"--talking about pulling the Dem party even further to the right, or strategizing for the '06 Congressional elections.  But if Bush Inc. changes the election system to 100% paperless voting (no audit, no recount possible, and Republicans in control of the source code), we are never going to see a Democratic Congress again.

    And if the Dems pull any further to the right, we are not going to have anybody that we would bother to vote for.

    The bills in Congress requiring a paper trail in '06 are dead.  They will never pass now--with this illegitimately elected Bush Congress.  And we will be lucky if they don't go ahead and require paperless voting everywhere.

    We have to do this state by state, county by county--get a paper trail.  It's doable.  Most people would agree with it.  And we have to do it now.    

    •  Fraud (none)
      Is voting [machine] fraud being looked into now by anyone of significance?

        I thought that the lawyers had just given everything up?

    •  Paper trail (none)
      I agree with you that we should require paper trail. To start with everyone should write their congressmen and senators.

      Meanwhile are you aware of They are attempting to get the voting records from everywhere (under FOIA) to audit the election. They need some financial help.

      Blackbox voting also produced a 30 minute movie (which you can download) about the issues with the paperless voting machines. The movie includes Howard Dean changing the total vote count on a machine that tallies votes from individual machines.

      The paper trail bills can pass if we can make enough fuss and embarrass congress into action. How can any elected official object to verifiable voting system?


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