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  •  Doesn't seem to matter to without media support (none)
    As in the past four, flabbergasting years, a significant portion of the media remains intimidated by the Bush White House bullying tactics and/or they are fully sworn to an Executive team that directly supports Bush policies.  Without getting their attention, all the negative results for Bush will remain obscured by cynical, tough-face spin.

    This is why I have been more motivated than ever to demonize Bush Republicans on a constant basis, but always with backing from media reports.  Kerry started this trend - and, gained significant ground - when the electorate saw him push against Bush lies with his own claims of truth, details and (eventually, in the latter part of his campaign) call Bush entirely dishonest with the American people.

    It's time to call a spade a spade, because Rove has already shown that most voters have a small memory for the accusers.  Difference can be that we tar the BushCo supporters in a casual manner, through normal policy and position statements, interviews, press reports, campaigning, etc. as if it's second nature and we always point back to verifiable facts in media sources we tend to favor.  We may sound extreme - even to the point of Hitlerizing Bush in sarcastic jest - but Rovian tactics will respond with something even more outlandish and certainly unsupportable.

    It's about evangelicals and faith, essentially.  People who are not bad, but who are swayed in the most unfair of ways - through manipulating their core, unfiltered beliefs in a power above themselves and the Republians equating that solid bond between God and Bush policy - therefore, it becomes a moral equivalency.  Time to show that hatred of gays is not moral, but demonizing the source of those attacks on many other grounds.

    I don't think that the Dems are ready to compete on that instinctual level of operating, but you won't sway single-issue people of faith without taking on Republican stances, unless you show these people that there are other causes and people who represent them in the Dem party who truly represent more of what it means to be a morally good person.

    Just initial thinking for consideration.  I have much more to write out on my website before this reaches a mature form, so sorry to spout a bit here.

    - wader

    •  we've got the wimpiest ass media in the world (none)
      mother fuckers gave bush a mandate from day 1.  they are willingly responsible for the country going down the wrong road with bushco.  i'm feeling pretty pissed right now.

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