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View Diary: HS students show the respect that Republican Senators lack (254 comments)

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    •  That was simply remarkable. (0+ / 0-)

      A noble and generous gesture, the more powerful for being so seemingly matter-of-fact. As if you can hear them all thinking, "Well, what the heck else would we do? They'd do the same for us."

      I know it's getting a little shopworn, but the example of the recent near-disaster on the Hudson, in which so many ordinary folks rose to the occasion, reminds us again of how often, how easily, how unquestioningly so many everyday people everywhere have this response in common. They're not looking to be celebrated, they're just doing what's right.

      What is it about the glare of the limelight that makes the A-Rods and B-Rods and all their ilk around the world lose sight of that common humanity?

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