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View Diary: Obama Should Overrule Gates on Gates' Self-Interested Opposition to New Whistleblower Protections (126 comments)

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  •  I can't think of anyplace whistleblower (4+ / 0-)

    protection could be than in the intelligence community.  Where else do we more need honesty and accountability?

    I've been thinking lately of how incredibly difficult it has to be for the honest and upright to stay that way in politics today.  Whether it's a politician or an aide or someone close to a judge or wherever.  To see so many around you engaged in corruption, with no consequences, knowing that if you stand up to them, you will be the one made to suffer.  How hard it must be to make the decision to do the right thing, risk everything you've worked your entire life for, when joining the corrupt crown would be so easy and so financially rewarding.

    Thank you Ms. Radack, from the bottom of my heart, for being one of those rare, brave souls willing to make that kind of a sacrifice for the good of your fellow citizens.  I admire your courage and strength beyond measure.

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