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View Diary: cancer took my mom today don't let it take your loved ones (206 comments)

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  •  Certainly is, my condolences to both of you (5+ / 0-)
    My mom died of pancreatic cancer in October, 7 months after diagnosis. However, she had a sudden onset bleedout and then a surgery for a stomachn obstruction (tumor from the pancreas bisected the duodenum) that nearly killed her. I read your comment and thought of what I would have felt like  in your place because she almost died right after the surgery. I think I would have had a nervous breakdown.

    My condolences to both. I'm still reeling and dealing with a vulturous sister.

    My mom did ignore stomach and rib pain, which wasn't helped at all by a completely uncaring doctor, who couldn't be bothered to send her for tests.

    •  Why did they do that surgery (1+ / 0-)
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      Dem in the heart of Texas

      if she was going to die quickly anyway? I've heard that pancreatic cancer is all but a death sentence.

      •  It was a necessity (0+ / 0-)
        They had to hook her intestines to another part of her stomach because the tumor was completely closing off her stomach and she couldn't eat. She was also bloated and extremely nauseus. It was just terrible. The only alternative to the surgery would have been to put an external drain in but at the time they did the surgey they didn't know if it was cancer or an ulcer they could just fix in the surgery. I think if they had known for sure what it was they would have just done the drain, but who knew? She did have an excellent surgeon so I don't have any complaints on that front.

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