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View Diary: cancer took my mom today don't let it take your loved ones (206 comments)

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    I haven't seen you in a while - I hope everything's OK and you're holding up well.

    Join us in the Grieving Room on Monday evenings to discuss mourning and loss.

    by Dem in the heart of Texas on Thu Feb 19, 2009 at 05:15:27 AM PST

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      Dem in the heart of Texas
      It has been a hard scramble, first to finish my doctorate in time to graduate in December and then  the descent of the nasty family members who, in the name of money, were accusing me of being a freeloader instead of a caregiver. Having made incredible sacrifices to live with my mom during the past 5 years, it was devastating to tell you the truth.

      But I'm coming back little by little. I also went to Standing Rock, and if you check my diaries, I've got a big photo diary on the Reservation.

      Now I can finally look for a permanent job and am not limited to a particular part of the country by anything other than personal preference. I started with the Census today to get by while I send out resumes.

      The last year has truly been the most difficult and sad time of my life, but I am starting to see an inkling of some really nice things developing, so I just put up with the part of my life that is still painful.

      Thanks for the concern. I've not been able to focus for long enough to hang out here a lot, but I do try to check in once a day.

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