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  •  My favorite jury story from my prosecutor days (3+ / 0-)
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    The case was for armed robbery of a liquor story.  The public defender had accepted the jury and I was still using my peremptory challenges to kick off jurors, and the judge was getting visibly pissed at me in front of the jurors.  So we had this 18 year old kid who worked at MacDonalds, but he said his "real" job was writing science fiction novels.  I didn't like him as a juror, but I figured an 18 year old boy would just go along with the other 11 so I accepted him.

    The next day the judge called us into chambers and told us that two jurors had sent him notes stating that this young man had told them he knew for a fact the defendant was guilty.  The judge called the young man into chambers, who admitted telling this to the other jurors.  He said he had the power to travel in time and space, so he traveled back in time to the robbery, and was in the liquor store and he watched the robbery, and yes, it was the defendant.

    I said that your powers were very impressive, but could you disregard what you saw and consider only what is presented in court and make your finding of innocence or guilt solely on the evidence presented?  He said, yes, because he then traveled into the future, and was present when the juror walked back into the courtroom and the foreman rose and announced the verdict, NOT GUILTY.

    The young man was kicked off the jury, and fortunately, we had an alternate to take his place and complete the trial.

    The verdict - GUILTY.

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    by Navy Vet Terp on Sun Feb 22, 2009 at 06:13:25 PM PST

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