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View Diary: Death Penalty Juries: Are You Excluded? (115 comments)

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  •  Look at California, Florida, and Texas (4+ / 0-)

    Texas and Florida execute the most and put more on death row per capita.  California has the largest death row (about 660) but has not had an execution in 3 years.  The leading causes of death in California death row inmates is natural causes and suicide.  And the cost to keep them locked up compared to other murder inmates is immense.  Factor in the added costs in legal counsel and courts, and a death row inmate in most states costs millions more than one who is serving a life sentence.

    For a state scheme gone haywire, look at illinois' system in the 1990's.  Lying cops, unscrupulous prosecutors, and poor defense counsel put several factually innocent persons on death row.  

    I suggest you look at some capital punishment web sites such as death penalty focus or the Southern Poverty Law Center.  There may also be some good stuff at the Innocence Project, ACLU, or Amnesty International.

    Good luck.  

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