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    that there is some education that is a matter of communicating existing knowledge to the youth -, e.g., basic math, English, science, history - that provide foundational knowledge in preparation for more advanced learning, which involves research and exploration.  

    As for the instruction of foundational knowledge, I can't fathom a better method to teach children, e.g., multiplication, except via a methodical learning program that works from the building blocks of addition and subtraction.  That is, before you can multiply, you have to learn how to add.  Now, this knowledge is currently taught via teacher and/or book and/or computer-based materials, any one of which can generally be substituted by the other as a matter of delivery, but it is always going to be a methodical approach where addition will precede multiplication, and addition will be preceded by the learning how to identify numbers.  You can't send children out to the Internet and say, "Go learn how to multiply," and expect any kind of consistent learning, if any learning at all.  

    So, again, speaking mainly about the traditional kindergaarten through grade 12 model, technology will play a part in delivery, even potentially replace human instruction, but I wouldn't consider such a shift on the same scale as the effect of printing press which introduced previously unrevealed knowledge to the masses.  But I concede that higher levels of education will involve a more exploratory approach that the Internet facilitates, but, again, such exploratory methods of education have already been in place for many, many years using hardcopy educational materials; and scientists have been sharing knowledge for many years preceding the modern Internet.

    I'm not denying that a change is taking place; I'm just saying that the degree of change is not on a revolutionary scale.

    I'm starting to feel America again.

    by Shesk on Wed Feb 25, 2009 at 06:34:11 AM PST

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