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  •  lovespaper:not thinking of Japanese aethetic as (0+ / 0-)

    behavior/feeling, but as way of viewing, working: such as not symmetrical, irregularity is good and art goes into all aspects of life, from visuals of food (artists do art there,too), clothing...etc.  I don't know whether or not it's calming.  Art for me runs the feelings while I work from "this high is longer lasting than ...(fill in any word)", to, wrestling an alligator.  For example: I finished a pendant for myself for my birthday (17 l/4 leap year unbirthday is on Sat.) yesterday.  I took photos of it.  Then a piece broke off.  It was back to work, redesigning.  I said, "well, artists are often called a little bit crazy.  Why not do something a little "crazy" (as in break a rule, do something not done before).  I did.  I suspended the gold wire figure, with it's irregular "arms" with a couple of beads on them, on a wire that was anchored about two inches from the bottom sides of the loop a string of pearls made.  (I had strung the pearls awhile ago.  They were too long for the pendant.  So now the pendant sits on a wire "bar" near the bottom of the string, when worn. Kind of like a girl on a swing, vaguely. Across the U shape near the bottom, not haning from the center bottom of the U.  Somewhat fragile.)  So, it was so easy until it broke, then wrestled the alligator and found new solution.  I do not work verbally...all just process when doing art.

    It is the same for my political art. I start with "what do I want to show?"  That often has a sense of urgency to get it done and out. Nothing calming.  Often using my photos of people, adding symbols I've developed before. I leave interpretation to viewer, but do make statements, including using words in the art, stamps,etc.

    Most recent was protest of Pres. Obama sending drones/missiles into Pakistan.  Sent one to White House upon urging of an activist in disability/human rights/politics. Sent out about 40 copies on paper, of the multiple.  I'd paper the world with my art on copier paper, the multiples, mail art,  if I had the money.

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