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  •  Restoring Strong Progressive Taxation at the Top (2+ / 0-)
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    mataliandy, dewley notid

    will suppress the bottom 5 of those. Not end, but definitely suppress.

    The reason companies pursue those things is that there are huge rewards for them in the short term, even though there are liabilities for them long term.

    If the decision makers can't walk off with big rewards over short terms, they'll be more dependent on their businesses over the long term when the costs of many of these casino policies come due.

    It's one policy of many that are needed, but it's one of the only ones that affects almost everything else.

    Even war pressure will diminish somewhat because right now there is casino pressure from the military economic sector plus the burgeoning private army industry.

    We are called to speak for the weak, for the voiceless, for victims of our nation and for those it calls enemy.... --ML King "Beyond Vietnam"

    by Gooserock on Tue Feb 24, 2009 at 02:16:28 PM PST

    •  I agree strategically, but tactically... (1+ / 0-)
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      Earth Ling

      we have to do to them what they have been doing to us for years: make them fight so many battles at once that they can't defend them all.

      We need to press them on all these topics. We will win some and lose some. But each win reduces their power and makes our next win easier.

      If we put all our eggs in one basket they will stonewall us or put on some single-focus media campaign. We need to drag them through as many kinds of slime as we can. They need to be so stinky they couldn't get a room in a skunk works.

      But, yes, progressive taxes would fix a lot.


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